Bon Appetite Cracker-Hot Selling in Africa


As new brand, our Bon Appetite Cracker had obtained highly appreciation at the very beginning of entering into the west African market, such as Guinea, Sierra Leon, Liberia, Togo and so on. 

With deeply market analysis and long-time study of African eating habits, we marketed this delicious and crispy biscuit. High quality ingredients guarantee the original flavor of biscuit, and big loading quantity helps to save the cost of expensive sea freight. 

Customer4 Customer1

Except delivery the right goods on time, we do carefully works when loading the container. We measure the size of carton, weigh the package to let customers feel relieved if they can not come and check the loading. 

picture picture1

To cooperate with our company, you are not only our customer but also our partner. What we consist is grow up together with all of our business partners. Take the advantage of famous brand influence, we can supply you the other products, such as candy and beverage to help you build up the selling system and run the business in a virtuous cycle!





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